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The Second Nut

I need to tell you about the second nut, Kelly Dues. Have you ever seen the video on TED talks about how to start a movement? It shows this crazy dancing guy at a concert, just having the time of his life. And it first glance everyone to think wow what a crazy guy… Whatever… But then a second guy goes by him and starts crazy dancing with him.. The effect that has on the people around them shifts the whole group. Before you know it  there’s 100 people dancing on the hill having a great time and it becomes a movement.

One of the things my patent attorney told me to do was to establish the business as a for-profit with shareholders. And in order to prove that it was my idea and validate the patent pending, I had to have a public disclosure of the idea.  I had to do research to find out if there is a program like this already, so if I started publicly talking about it that was one way to find out. I worked with my financial planner, Kathy Gordon-Beatty at Edward Jones,  to use her space and I invited the various professionals in the  community that I had worked with as a holistic psychotherapist. I invited my supplement rep from Standard Process Hallie Hancock,  my cousin Erica the chiropractor and her mother Terry who is a nurse and one of my favorite aunts.  The holistic store Simple that was next to Erica‘s chiropractic office owned by Kelly and her employee Dawn Shapiro also attended. My friends Robyn Castles and and Teri Langley, who are massage therapists, and my accountant Donna Peters from Fausey and Associates were there supporting me too. So I prepare this presentation and told everyone about the idea for a  Holistic Insurance Company and asked if anyone had ever heard anything like this.  They had not. Good News! I ended with, “I love what I do for a living, but now that I have thought of this…I have to try and make it happen!”

Kelly had recently bought the holistic health food store from a man named Troy and her background was in the insurance industry. After hearing my talk and seeing how passionate I was about the idea, She called me the next day and said,  “I’m going to sell my store and work for you “. Now, I just structured  the business and had no money, so my answer was “let’s meet for dinner talk about it“ “. We met for dinner the only thing I could say is “ what do you what role do you want to play in the business? “

So Kelly is my second nut because she saw something in me, something in my idea, that was so valid to her that she decided to sell her business, invest in the company, and take a leap of faith with me. It was then that I realized that this idea was bigger than me and that she saw something in it just like I did. She knew it had to happen.

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