Sexual Addiction Information

I Can Help You With Sex Addiction

I offer individual and couples counseling for sexual addiction or out of control sexual behaviors.  I also have a men's addiction group and a partner's support group. 

 At this time there is not a diagnosis of "Sex Addiction" that is recognized by the medical and mental health community.  There are many research studies that may change that in the future.   However, when someone is facing the loss of their job, marriage, savings, or personal safety because of sexual compulsive behaviors...there is a real problem.  I have the skills to treat the "Out of Control Sexual Behaviors" and help you find your healthy sexual zone using sex therapy. 

Where Do You Find a Sex Addiction Therapist?

For therapeutic services, IITAP and the Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health (SASH) are good resources. Looking for therapists who have the Certified Sex Addiction Therapist (CSAT) is often recommended. These therapists go through extensive training on assessing and treating the problem of sex addiction. They recognize and respect the problem that it is, and are best prepared to help addicts navigate through their challenges. These professionals also receive a great deal of supervision from trained sex addiction therapist supervisors, who have added training and experience.

The Importance of Family

Family support is also critical. The discovery of a sexual addiction is traumatic for partners of sex addicts. Therefore, supportive therapy for partners is also very important. This can help them establish and maintain boundaries, rebuild trust and intimacy, and find their way through a process that no one is born knowing how to deal with. It can also facilitate better communication, which is a good transition into couple’s therapy, when it’s time for that phase.

Therapy for the children of sex addicts can be critical as well. Parents often underestimate the awareness of their children. The children don’t ask, because they don’t think it’s their place, or they don’t know what to ask. The adults don’t think that the children are aware, so they don’t say anything either. Therapy for children can help prevent the ongoing family cycles of addiction, as well as help prevent trauma. For those children who are already dealing with trauma, this can help with quick treatment.

There are also support groups that are specifically designed for partners of sex addicts. There are groups to help partners maintain solid boundaries. Many of these groups are 12 step based. The most well-known group is COSA, which stands for Codependents of Sex Addicts. The term codependent can be a term that is viewed from a negative perspective. However, many who don’t identify as codependent find these support groups helpful.

Other Resources for Sexual Addiction

12 step support groups are often one of the starting points for people who are looking of help with sex addiction. Because there is often a great deal of grief and shame that comes with sex addiction, these groups are a great option. There are several support groups that people can attend. There are Sex Addicts Anonymous SAA and Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous SLAA groups. There is also Sexual Compulsives Anonymous SCA, which is a group primarily meant for gay men.

Gay men need to proceed with caution, as there are many groups and organizations who promote treating Sexual Addiction, but who also promote conversion efforts. Sexual orientation change efforts are considered unethical by the all medical and professional therapy boards. This includes IITAP. Sex addiction therapists are trained to avoid change efforts. If part of the addiction includes sex with other men, clients will identify their own arousal, and determine labels that they feel most represent them in this arena. For clients are struggling with this, it’s important to ask about the education of the therapist.

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